Sherri M. Stinson
I am often asked “Sherri, what makes you different from any other lawyer out there?” In order to understand that, you have to understand my lifelong commitment to helping others.

When I was in middle school, our class decided to adopt a senior for Christmas. The trouble was that everyone but me backed out of the “class project.” Our project was an elderly woman who had no heat, no food and no clothes. After figuring out what the woman needed, my mother carted me around town shopping for blankets, clothes and food. I will never forget the look on the woman’s face for what I was able to bring her that cold, North Carolina Christmas.

When I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, the job market was horrible and despite having near perfect grades, I could not find a job. I went to work in a flower shop and befriended an elderly woman who worked in the silk flower section. After discovering that she did not have air conditioning in the July heat, I made it my mission to help her because her apartment complex only wanted to fix her A/C when they were able to get around to it. I did so by contacting a local consumer advocate who made some calls and finally got someone to fix it for her. Knowing that I could help her by simply making a few phone calls was more than rewarding.

I have made it my personal and professional mission to help those who do not have a voice and simply want to be heard. This is why I went to law school and why I love caring about and helping my clients. I cannot solve every problem a client may have, but I can certainly work to bring them peace of mind. This is my why.

Our vision is to to be a vital part of our community. We do so by partnering with our clients, listening to their problems and coming up with a solution that will bring peace of mind. Whether it is someone who wants to provide for their family, an elder being exploited or a child who wants to help their aging parent, our goal is to provide high-quality legal services to all who need them. Contact us today at 727-351-7057 to find out how we can help you!


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