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About Guardianship

Establishing legal guardianship allows you to assume the responsibility for the care of a loved one when he/she is no longer able to do so for themselves or has some limitations in caring for himself/herself (financially, medically, etc.). It also can apply to minor children or special needs children.

Guardianship is designed to protect incapacitated persons’ rights and welfare and safeguard their assets. It can be a complicated process that is best performed by an experienced attorney. Contact us to tell us about your situation.

Reasons for Establishing Legal Guardianship

  • A parent has Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other incapacitating medical condition
  • Mom / Dad shouldn’t be driving
  • Loved one does not have the capacity to sell the house or manage financial affairs
  • Loved one cannot take care of him or herself
  • A disabled child becomes an adult
  • Minors are to receive assets (life insurance, inheritance, etc.)

What Is the Difference Between a Guardian and a Conservator?

While both guardianships and conservatorships are legal relationships that give one party the right to make decisions for another, guardians are appointed to care for people considered incapacitated, and conservators are appointed to protect people’s financial interests. Guardianship versus conservatorship is an important distinction to understand.

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Elder Guardianship

Watching your loved ones grow older can be overwhelming. Cognitive decline is a normal sign of aging, causing once sharp minds to become hazy. While many seniors can still make decisions and manage their affairs, others become incapacitated. The cognitive decline is too significant, and they can no longer manage their health, financial, or personal needs. Sadly, many people never plan for situations where they cannot manage their own affairs. If your loved one is incapacitated, you can apply for guardianship.

Guardian Responsibilities

If you are appointed as a guardian, you will have numerous responsibilities. These responsibilities might include:

  • Managing property and finances
  • Handing health care needs
  • Ensuring the loved one has adequate housing
  • Taking care of personal needs
  • Submitting detailed plans and physician’s reports each year
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Types of Adult Guardianships

Maintaining personal liberty and autonomy is essential. Because of that, Florida’s judges choose the least restrictive type of guardianship possible for incapacitated adults. When a judge determines that the adult can manage some but not all tasks, he or she will order a limited guardianship. There are two types of limited guardianships in Florida: of the person and of the property. This limits the decisions the guardian can make, allowing the individual to maintain some autonomy.

However, if the incapacitated person cannot manage any duties, the court will appoint a plenary guardian. Then, the guardian manages the person’s financial, health, and personal needs. This is the most restrictive type of guardianship and is only issued when the petitioner can prove that the individual cannot reasonably manage any duties or responsibilities.

Client Reviews– Sherri M Stinson Estate Planning

Actual Words Clients Have Used to Describe Us & Their Experience:

“excellent advice to establish a Living Trust that has so many advantages over my previous plan”, “caring and thoughtful”, “attentive and professional”, “preparing highly individualized documents representing my wishes and brought them to my home for signing”, ”helped us determine our needs”, “professional and extremely knowledgeable”, “takes the time to listen and understand her client’s issue”, “explains the process and answers all questions thoroughly”, “developed a plan for our minor child”, “comfortable atmosphere”, “very easy to work with”, “anyone looking to have peace of mind”, “as an investment, the price was reasonable and well spent”, “very patient and explains everything until you have a complete understanding”, “didn’t rush us”, “knowledgeable of FL law”, “we have a sense of security”, “they understood my needs”, “thorough, efficient, kind and caring”, “provided a customized plan”, “even consulted with her ethics board to make sure she could properly and ethically handle our complicated matter”, “walked us through each step”, “patiently answered all our questions”, “made it as easy as it can be”, “fantastic customer service, “they are extremely thorough”, “if there were one thing I would change is I would do this sooner”, “took our wishes and put together our documents in a timely manner”

If these things are what you are looking for in a law firm then contact us to see how we can help you and your family.

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I highly recommend Sherri Stinson if you’re looking for an outstanding attorney. She helped me settle the estate of my uncle who lives in Florida. She’s not only very bright and knowledgeable of FL law, but she’s kind and patient! Even though I live in Kentucky, she was able to help me through the process with little effort on my part. Her help was literally invaluable and her charge very reasonable.

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