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Estate Planning (Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogates)

Our experience is that people often put off doing their estate planning for several reasons.  "I don't have much of an estate," "I hate thinking about this" or "I'll leave the state to deal with it" are phrases we often hear.  Failing to have a comprehensive estate plan can lead to unintended results, including intestacy, a risk that your spouse does not receive the entirety of your assets, children being treated unequally or even a court-appointed administrator.  In short, your voice is not heard.

At our first meeting, we will establish our relationship, discuss your concerns and identify your objectives.  I will learn about your family and your assets.  We will talk about information such as who you want to administer your estate, and who should inherit your property.  You will also receive an explanation about our fees.  We will identify whether we need to engage other professionals, such as a CPA or a Financial Advisor.  You will leave our office knowing exactly what to expect.  When you return, you will receive a custom made estate plan.  Our office also offers a Continuum of Care program, which provides a yearly checkup of your estate plan so we can ensure that the plan we built together continues to deliver the results you want.

Probate Estates

We understand that the death of a loved one is a difficult and uncertain time.  In addition to grieving, those left behind are trying to figure out difficult issues such as "do I have to open an estate," "how much will this cost," and "am I personally liable for my spouse's debts?"  At our first meeting, we will discuss topics such as whether you need a probate estate, what kind your will need and our fees.  

As part of our ongoing commitment to client satisfaction, we will periodically send out surveys to make sure you are happy with our firm.


The inability of a loved one to care for themselves can be very stressful on family and friends. There are questions like "can I get power of attorney over my mom or dad," "do I need a guardianship" and "how can I help when I am so far away?"  Attorney Stinson has extensive experience in guardianship and will guide you through your questions.  We will discuss whether guardianship is appropriate, whether there are any alternatives and the costs and fees associated with guardianships.  

As with probate estates, we will periodically send out client satisfaction surveys to ensure your satisfaction with our firm.