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Palm Harbor Elder Guardianship

The population in Palm Harbor, Florida, is aging. According to the United States Census Bureau, 28.4 percent of residents are over the age of 65. Unfortunately, cognitive decline is part of aging and can make it difficult for people to care for themselves. However, Florida has a safeguard in place for people who become incapacitated. First, you can apply for limited or plenary guardianship. Then, you can take care of your loved one so he or she can age safely and with dignity.

As a Palm Harbor elder guardianship law firm, Sherri M. Stinson, P.A. understands how challenging this process is. You are worried about your loved one and concerned about the emotional toll legal proceedings can take. Lawyer Sherri Stinson makes the process as easy as possible while ensuring that your loved one is protected. Contact us today to learn more about petitioning the court for an elder guardianship in Palm Harbor.

Responsibilities of a Palm Harbor Guardian

Your responsibilities will depend on the type of guardianship you’re granted. Possible responsibilities include:

  • Managing assets and finances
  • Maintaining the property
  • Managing health care and personal needs
  • Providing annual physician’s reports and detailed plans

Options For Elder Guardianships In Palm Harbor

Florida judges understand the importance of personal autonomy and freedom. They do not want to take away an individual’s rights unless it is necessary. Because of that, they often grant limited guardianships, so aging adults can maintain some freedom. You can get a limited guardianship of the person or the property. If you’re granted guardianship over the person, your loved one will still have control of his or her finances and vice versa.

The court also grants plenary guardianships when the person cannot handle financial or personal responsibilities. If you’re granted a plenary guardianship, you will be the guardian of the property and the person. Your Palm Harbor elder guardianship attorney will review the case to determine which option is right for your loved one.

Becoming An Elder Guardian In Palm Harbor

The Palm Harbor guardianship process is complicated. The court wants to protect the rights of the elderly, so you must show proof that your loved one is incapacitated. You’ll begin by filing a petition to determine incapacity, along with a petition to appoint a guardian. The court will appoint medical experts to perform a functional and capacity evaluation after you file the petitions. Then, the experts will submit a report to the court.

Next, the court will schedule a hearing for you to attend. It’s wise to bring your Palm Harbor elder guardianship attorney to the hearing with you to make your case. The judge will review the report and your petition and listen to attorneys from both sides before making a decision. Then, the judge will either grant or deny guardianship.

Bond Requirements For Guardians

The court’s main priority is protecting the incapacitated person. One way it does that is by requiring that guardians take out bonds. The bond is essentially insurance to protect the incapacitated person against unethical or illegal actions. If you violate the law when managing the person or the property, the bond company will have to repay the estate. You will learn the amount of the bond when granted guardianship. Then, your Palm Harbor elder guardianship attorney can help you get the bond and meet the additional requirements, so you can care for your loved one.

How To Choose Your Own Guardian

If you are currently of sound mind, you can create a pre-need guardianship. This document will allow you to choose your own guardian. Then, if you become incapacitated, that person will step into the role without petitioning the court. Before creating the document, speak with the person you want to name as your guardian. Make sure the person understands your wishes and is willing to carry them out. Then, consult with a Palm Harbor elder guardianship attorney to create the advanced directive.


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