Palm Harbor, FL Estate Planning Attorney Announces New Program to Help Seniors

PALM HARBOR, Florida – Estate planning attorney Sherri M. Stinson, Founder of the Law Offices of Sherri M. Stinson, P.A., is excited to announce that the law firm has partnered with Affirm to offer a new “Buy Now, Pay Later” service for seniors who need help with estate planning but don’t know how they can afford to pay for it. Seniors can finance up to 24 months with no interest and no hidden fees. The application process is quick and straightforward and can provide seniors who need estate planning services the funds they need with monthly payments that fit into their budget.

Affirm empowers consumers by offering a transparent and flexible way to pay over time with no late or hidden fees. They provide consumers with increased purchasing power and greater control over managing their finances. Affirm enables consumers to pay at their own pace in biweekly or monthly payments rather than entirely upfront. Unlike many credit cards and other Buy Now, Pay Later options, Affirm doesn’t charge any hidden fees, not even late fees. The interest-bearing transactions Affirm facilitates only include simple interest, which means that the interest is based upon a fixed percentage the consumer agrees to upfront at checkout and never compounds. Consumers who choose Affirm never owe a penny more than they agree to at checkout, even if they’re late or miss a payment.

“Securing a senior’s financial well-being has been a personal goal since I was in middle school. I realized I needed to provide another option for seniors to finance their estate planning needs in these trying times,” Stinson says. “By partnering with Affirm, a client can budget for and finance estate planning services over a period of time that is most convenient for them.”

If you’re interested in creating or updating your estate planning documents and believe this service will benefit you, contact the Law Offices of Sherri Stinson by clicking here or calling us at (727) 351-7057.

About the Law Offices of Sherri M. Stinson, P.A.

Estate planning attorney Sherri M. Stinson has made it her personal and professional mission to assist those seeking to be heard. This is why she attended law school and why she enjoys caring for and assisting her clients. While she may not be able to resolve every client’s issue, she can certainly work to alleviate their anxiety. That is her raison d’être.

Our vision for the Law Offices of Sherri M. Stinson, P.A. is to be an integral part of our community. We accomplish this by partnering with our clients, listening to their concerns, and devising a solution to bring them peace of mind. Whether it is a person seeking to provide for their family, an older adult being exploited, or a child seeking to assist an aging parent, our goal is to provide high-quality legal services to anyone in need. Contact us at (727) 351-7057 to learn more about how we can assist you.

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