Law Offices of Sherri M. Stinson, P.A. Hires Client Happiness Coordinator

Estate planning attorney Sherri M. Stinson, Founder of the Law Offices of Sherri M. Stinson, P.A., in Palm Harbor, Florida, announces the hiring of Taylor Hays as Client Happiness Coordinator. Hays, a graduate of the University of Florida, has developed her customer service skills, working at both a top-ranked consumer retail chain and a major franchise known for their strong commitment to customer service. She has received recognition for her ability to solve problems under pressure, provide premier customer service, and multi-task while handling complex situations.

Taylor’s job is to create a white-glove customer service experience for past and present clients so that clients know they can come to the firm for a wide variety of needs, even if it is not related to a matter that they are working directly on with the firm. Taylor loves being able to give clients and referral sources inside access to a trusted network of professionals who share the firm’s vision of making everyone feel valued and heard. Taylor also is working on the firm’s social media presence to educate potential clients on the nature and value of the services offered by the firm.

“Sherri is a great boss,” Hays enthuses. “I enjoy working with her, and I love to brighten people’s days by sending gifts. I’m a detail-oriented planner, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to utilize those skills in my role as a Client Happiness Coordinator. I’m passionate about this position because I get to know people, help them out, and give them peace of mind. I look forward to contributing to the success of the Law Firm of Sherri M. Stinson, P.A. and helping many more clients with their estate planning goals in the years to come.”

“I’m delighted to welcome Taylor to the firm,” says Stinson. “Her genuine concern and easy rapport with people is an asset in the practice area of estate planning. At the Law Offices of Sherri M. Stinson, P.A., we truly care about our clients. We strive to develop trust, make them feel comfortable, and give them peace of mind. We are good stewards of their money, and we understand how important it is to them to preserve their family legacy. With the addition of Taylor as our Client Happiness Coordinator, we can ensure that we are always in alignment with the vision and mission of the firm.”

About the Law Offices of Sherri M. Stinson, P.A.

Estate planning attorney Sherri M. Stinson has made it her personal and professional mission to help those who simply want to be heard. This is why she went to law school and why she loves caring about and helping her clients. While she cannot solve every client’s problem, she can certainly work to bring them peace of mind. That is her “why.”

At the Law Offices of Sherri M. Stinson, P.A., our vision is to be a vital part of our community. We do so by partnering with our clients, listening to their problems, and coming up with a solution to bring peace of mind. Whether it is someone who wants to provide for their family, an elder being exploited, or a child who wants to help their aging parent, our goal is to provide high-quality legal services to all who need them. Contact us today at 727-351-7057 to find out how we can help you!

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